Create helpful guides to setup your support team for success

Guide to help reduce the burden on support tasks

Create How-To guides and help pages to back your customer centric approach

WorkStreamer Guide will help you design How-To guides and help pages to back your customer support team.

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Simple and Easy

Use the Chrome extension to automatically capture screenshots of every webpage.

Custom Branding

A colored text bubble is automatically added to every screenshot, right where you clicked, which can be updated with your company colors.

Share the Link

Publish each guide publicly or with password protection so others can easily view it.

Blur Sensitive Info

Easily blur any personal information on each screenshot.


Group similar guides together into a tutorial to easily share all at once.

Export to Video & Word

Save as a MP4 video slideshow or a MS Word document and upload to your company training portal or send to a colleague.

Make support tasks easier

Simplify support tasks effortlessly with our solution.

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